Exhibition by Daniel Lehan et 205 Montcalm

Off-site FROM November 28 TO February 4

Vernissage wednesday 28 November 2012 At 7 pm

During his residency, Daniel Lehan has retraced the history of the building located at 205 Montcalm in Hull. It appears that in the 70’s it was a juvenile court. Thereafter, in 1983, it would become the birthplace of AXENÉO7. As a kind of poetic archeology, If These Walls Could Speak, is a reconstruction of textual narratives that Daniel Lehan has collected by interacting with many people who have coexisted with this place for the last 40 years. Displayed over the barricaded windows of the building, the stories from artists, judges, bartender and offenders will intersect.
Daniel Lehan is a former paperboy, choirboy, shop assistant, ice cream seller, chip shop manager, petrol pump attendant, pub caterer, post office worker, theatre usher, cleaner, adult education tutor, leaflet distributor, front of house manager, t-shirt designer, screen printer, childrens book author and illustrator, gardener, teacher. Lehans' work often begins with simple invitations for people to follow: "Make a sign saying what you want, Write down your darkest thoughts, Collect unusual stories from the newspaper, Draw a graph of your emotional life."
He uses understated calm and reassuring charm to encourage people to interact and create these works with him. The end products are a rich patchwork of thoughts and ideas gathered up from the minutiae of peoples lives.

Daniel Lehan is a British artist, based in London. The artist standing in the street with a sign that reads: "HOW MUCH WILL YOU SPEND TO MAKE SOMEONE LOVE YOU" demonstrates a great capacity  or n himself as well as on the society he lives in. In a kind of dadaïst fashion, he question and reflects the public space, creating a poetry of everyday life

For more information visit : www.daniel-lehan.com