Operatic Visions of excess

Theo Pelmus

Exhibition FROM April 4 TO April 29

Opening wednesday 4 April 2012 At 7 pm

April 4th, Opening and performance, 8:30pm.
April 13th, Performative Fashion Show, 8:30 pm.
April 25th, Performative Operatic Show, 8:30 pm.

The origin of the word baroque, The imperfect Portuguese pearl of unequal size, could define Theo Pelmus’ performance work if we were to add to it: multicoloured plastic, gelato, gold leaf, chocolate, opera, clown, Pinocchio and parade. By form or by action, one way or another, the spectator becomes invested. And, one way or another, in the building of layers, saturation is an important factor. It allows to leave the print necessary to the sequelae. The opportunity to add more layers to the cake will present itself the 4th, 13th and 29th of  April by immerging oneself in Theo Pelmus’ filthy operas, sickly sweet parades or hyperbolical presentations.

This, just as baroque exhibition consists of a series of performances created in collaboration with Ken Campbell. First, during the opening and then the following weeks, the artist Theo Pelmus will perform in the heart of is installations of operatic excess.

Theo Pelmus is a performance artist who has received several awards, including an emerging artist grant and integrated arts grant from the Ontario Arts Council (2006; 2009), the Dennis Tourbin Fund for emerging artist in performance art (2007) and an emerging artist grant from the City of Ottawa (2009). He has exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows in Copenhagen and the Bucharest Biennial. Theo has a BFA and MFA from the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest and a second MFA at the University of Ottawa. He is an active participant in the Ottawa arts community, most notably as a programming member of Available Light Screening Collective. He is represented by La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa.


The artist would like to acknowledge: Ken Campbell: collaboration and technical assistance (Wireless Sensors, Robotics, Programming), Jennifer Mealing : Graphic Artist and stencil, Ontario Arts Council, Pure Gelato, Artengine


For the Performative Fashion Show the following models will be present: Cheryl Johnson, Britta Evans Fenton, Matt Miwa et Marc-André Boyer



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