Amour Anarchie

Exhibition FROM September 6 TO October 21

Opening thursday 6 September 2012 At 7 pm

The title evokes the vehemence of two states that find complicity in their excess and thoughtfulness. LoveAnarchy seeks out the core of the sentiment magnified through works on love, the absolute commitment to someone, or through anarchy, the fundamental involvement of oneself toward collectivity as well as the violence that emanates from the profound feeling of injustice when faced with illegitimate authorities.

Both are forms of engagement that imply reciprocity between abandon and self-affirmation. According to Nietzsche, a romance in the most fertile sense, is the relationship between two affirmations and offerings of oneself. Therefore a confrontation between two real personalities and not a series of chivalry where each one eliminates the other. And so, the lover refutes domination much in the same way the anarchist rejects power and commands.

It is a true passionate exchange, where each individual contributes to the well being(s) of the collective(s) with dialog and consideration and deference. This does not imply the negation of individuality for the benefit of the whole, it is rather the affirmation of the whole through the identities with which it is built.

With the same intensity as Léo Ferré’s album, from which the title of the exhibition originates, AmourAnarchie (LoveAnarchy) seeks emotional excess and unboundedly courageous involvement as two fundamental conditions of activism and commitment.